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Ananda Movement Bliss, Yoga, Movement, Meditation and Structural Bodywork

Ananda is a Sanskrit word meaning Bliss. Bliss beyond superficial moods and experiences, Bliss that is our truest; our deepest Selves. It is this deepest of connections to our true Self that we strengthen as we become more aware of our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts. Conscious movement is a path that can lead to this. I love movement! Movement of the body; movement of tissues; movement of Breath.

At Ananda Movement Bliss I would like to explore movement with you. Through Yoga, movement, meditation and Structural Bodywork, we can begin or deepen this journey within together!

Ananda Movement Bliss

About Ananda Movement Bliss

Jodie studied a variety of styles over 11 years following this path of Bliss. Combining her knowledge of the body, especially the fascial connections throughout, with freedom of breath and movement, her goal is helping to assist others in making these connections themselves. Continuing to follow her Bliss has led her to Newquay, Cornwall where she now lives, surfs and moves all with Love.


Private Yoga Classes

Need Some Alone Time?

Why not join Jodie for a private yoga class completely dedicated to your development in the areas that need the most attention. We can work with Breath, meditation and asana to help you to feel your best. Relieve stress, develop strength and flexibility.. the possibilities are endless.


Sports Massage

Bespoke Treatment for All Your Sports Issues

Deep tissue massage combined with trigger point therapy and myofascial release to help you deal with issues developed through repetitive use. This therapy can be a great relief to your sports induced pain and repetitive strains. Why not give it a try?



What is Fascia and Why Does it Matter?

Human bodies operate in a constant state of compromise owing to their needs for both stability and mobility. In yogic terms this is referred to as a balance between sthira, a tantric word meaning hard, solid and firm and...

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