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Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork is form of manual therapy that targets the fascial system of the body. This is the fibrous connective tissue that operates in a complex matrix or web throughout the body, connecting head to toe; inside to out and offering a framework that helps to support and protect the muscles, the organs and the entire body. The fascial system together with the muscular system is known as the myofascia.

The aim of Structural Bodywork is release of myofascial restrictions resulting from individual postural patterns. It takes years to develop these patterns and they can be un-wound over time helping to bring all the body’s parts into more smoothly functioning relationships.

Soft tissue manipulation, conscious movement and awareness exercises combine to release holding patterns and re-educate the tissues while increasing their strength, adaptability and resilience.

Over time decreases in pain, especially chronic pain, increased freedom of movement and deepening awareness of the physical structure are hallmark results of this type of bodywork. This combined with the principles of Sport Rehabilitation offers a long-lasting approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention.


  • Single session (70 min): £60
  • Three series (3 x 70 min sessions): £50 per session
  • Twelve series (12 x 70 min sessions): £40 per session