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Yoga as I see it

There are many styles of hatha (movement based) yoga practice. This is a wonderful thing as there are so many styles of bodies! Finding the best fit for you can open the practice up in a way that creates maximum accessibility to your body.

Yoga means union, union to Self, finding what works for you and exploring movement of body and breath within your framework is yoga. At Ananda we will never stop the exploration! Being a beginner forever is how I see yoga: constant curiosity, surrender and awareness.

Using alignment based practice we will delve into this exploration one class at a time creating a steady container; allowing safe movement and thereby a deeper opening and freedom within.

The space here at Ananda is cozy so that means classes will be small and intimate allowing for maximum personal attention and guidance helping you to connect to and explore your structure safely. Booking is therefore necessary to ensure availability.


  • Monday @ 5.30pm ~ Beginner’s yoga at Ananda
  • Tuesday @ 7pm ~ Yoga for Surf (Intermediate) at Ananda
  • Wednesday @ 9am ~ Beginner’s yoga at Ananda
  • Wednesday @ 5pm ~ Community Class at Ekam Studio (All levels)
  • Wednesday @ 6.30 ~ Foundation Yoga at Ekam Studio (Beginner’s) for prices and to book click the link:
  • Thursday @ 7pm ~ Mixed Flow Yoga (All levels) at Lime House Yoga, for prices and to book click the link:

Pricing (@Ananda):

Public classes:

  • 6 week package = £30 (£5/class)
  • 4 week package = £24 (£6/class)
  • Single session = £7/class

Privates (up to 4 people):

  • Single class = £40/class
  • 4 Class package = £35/class
  • 6 Class package = £30/class

Outcall classes available and prices vary depending on distance, location and number of participants.

Types of Classes Available:


Foundational class helping to establish or remind the body of certain alignment principles that offer a stable base of support as you flow through your deepening practice. This class will have an emphasis on strength from the ground up, creating a steady container to allow for deeper opening of the body in the safest possible way. Balancing the strength component there will also be an emphasis on allowing softness and finding deep release as the flip side of containment.

Yoga for Surf:

As a surfer and a Yogini I’ve come to realise many similarities between my two favourite activities. They both benefit from strength, flexibility and coordination of the body; they both allow a deeper connection to the Flow of movement becoming meditations in themselves and they are both also addictive… Only a surfer (and a Yogini/Yogi) knows the feeling!

In this class we will aim to develop balance, breath and muscular endurance, focusing on surfing specific muscles and concentrating especially on a deep core connection. A key focus will also be on developing flexibility relative to surfing helping to prevent injury and relieve overuse.

An open mind and a willing heart are recommended for this beginner/intermediate class.

Private Yoga:

Private yoga classes are available by appointment for individuals or small groups. Receiving full personal attention to assist in deepening specific areas of practice or particular injury rehabilitation and support.

Please feel free to contact Jodie to book or for any more information.